Make XERMELO™ part of your everyday routine

XERMELO™ is a pill taken by mouth 3 times daily in addition to monthly somatostatin analog (SSA) therapy

XERMELO is taken 3 times daily with food
  • XERMELO™ should be taken with food
  • Keep taking XERMELO™ as prescribed, daily
  • If you happen to ever miss a dose of XERMELO™, don’t take 2 doses at the same time. Just take your regular dose at your next scheduled time

Everyone’s schedule is different, but it’s important to take XERMELOas directed.

Tips for taking XERMELO™

Remember to take XERMELO by setting an alarm on your phone, writing down reminders in a log and carrying it with you on the go

Remember to take XERMELO™ by:

  • Setting an alarm on your phone
  • Writing down reminders in a log
  • Carry it with you while you’re on the go

Talk to your doctor to see if XERMELOmay be right for you.

XERMELO™ can be delivered right to your door
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Important Safety Information and Indication

Important Safety Information

  • XERMELO may cause constipation which can be serious. You should stop taking XERMELO if severe constipation or severe, persistent, or worsening abdominal pain develops
  • The most common side effects of XERMELO include nausea, headache, increase in hepatic enzymes, depression, flatulence, decreased appetite, swelling of your hands and feet, and fever


XERMELO is a prescription pill, used along with somatostatin analog (SSA) therapy, for carcinoid syndrome diarrhea in adults who are not adequately controlled by SSA therapy.

For more information about XERMELO, talk to your doctor or see Full Prescribing Information.