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Experience counts when it comes to Carcinoid Syndrome diarrhea

What type of doctor treats Carcinoid Syndrome? A neuroendocrine tumor (NET) specialist. When you’re living with a rare disease like Carcinoid Syndrome, you want an expert on your side. NET specialists have a lot of experience diagnosing, treating, and monitoring patients with Carcinoid Syndrome. Better symptom control starts with an open conversation.

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    Important Safety Information and Indication

    Important Safety Information and Indication

    Important Safety Information

    • XERMELO may cause constipation which can be serious. You should stop taking XERMELO if severe constipation or severe, persistent, or worsening abdominal pain develops. Talk to your doctor if you have these symptoms
    • The most common side effects of XERMELO include nausea, headache, increase in hepatic enzymes, depression, flatulence, decreased appetite, swelling of your hands and feet, and fever
    • Talk to your doctor about all medicines you are taking as some may interact with XERMELO


    XERMELO is a prescription pill, used along with somatostatin analog (SSA) therapy, for Carcinoid Syndrome diarrhea in adults who are not adequately controlled by SSA therapy.

    For more information about XERMELO, talk to your doctor or see Full Prescribing Information.

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